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  • Canned Food Month

    National Canned Food Month

    February is National Canned Food Month. It’s a great time to gather nonperishable food items that will go great in your Emergency Kit!
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  • Santa Ana Winds

    Santa Ana Winds

    The Santa Ana Winds are still blowing into town! This makes the risk of a wildfire much more likely.
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  • Landslides

    Lookout for Landslides

    We’ve had some winter rainfall. Make sure you’re aware and prepared for potential landslide areas.
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  • Volunteer

    Lend a Hand: Volunteer!

    Looking for a volunteer opportunity? Get involved with local preparedness and disaster relief efforts!
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  • Valentine’s Day

    Valentine’s Day

    Show your loved one how much you care about their safety by preparing an emergency kit for them!
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