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  • School Assemblies

    Meet Officer Friendly

    Get your school prepared with a dynamic and exciting free assembly by Officer Friendly and his pal Ready Fox.
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  • Be Flood Ready

    Be Flood Ready

    Flooding is one of Orange County’s most likely disasters. Are you prepared?
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  • Are you in the Tsunami Zone?

    Are you in the Tsunami Zone?

    California's 2019 Tsunami Preparedness Week is March 25-29.
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  • Business Preparedness

    Business Preparedness

    Host a ReadyOC booth to help your team prepare at work and at home.
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  • Make Your Promise to Prepare Today

    Make Your Promise to Prepare Today

    Take steps to ensure your family’s safety and promise to prepare!
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Kids and Teachers — Get Ready with Ready Fox

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to make getting
prepared fun!
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