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Ready Sunday

What would happen if the next big earthquake struck on a Sunday morning? Would your church family know what to do?

Faith-based organizations play an integral role during disasters in our community. Through the collaboration of faith-based organizations and government agencies, we can work together to educate and empower our communities to prepare before disasters strike. provides preparedness information and valuable resources for everyone including churches, synagogues, mosques, temples and community-based organizations to help your congregation and organization members understand the importance of preparedness.

The Ready Sunday program takes place annually during National Preparedness Month. Churches around the county come together to recognize Ready Sunday and to provide information to their congregations about how to be prepared.

Host Your Own Ready Sunday Event

  • Promote Ready Sunday to your congregation by including information in your church newsletter, website, e-blasts, bulletin board and program. You can also use the materials we've put together for you in our Ready Sunday Kit.
  • Provide your attendees with printed family emergency plan templates and emergency kit flyers, which may be downloaded free from
  • Play the ReadyOC emergency preparedness video, "How Ready are You?, featuring Sheriff Sandra Hutchens and former OC Fire Authority Chief Keith Richter on your website, social media channels and during the service on Ready Sunday. A Spanish version of the video features Santa Ana PD Deputy Chief Carlos Rojas.
  • Set up a table in the foyer with emergency preparedness materials 
    and a sample disaster kit on display.
  • Collect flashlight donations from the congregation to help start 
    emergency kits for needy families in your church.