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School assembly.

School Assemblies

Is Your School Prepared? Are your students ready for the next disaster?

Get your school prepared for emergencies with a dynamic, interactive school assembly delivered by retired Santa Ana Police Department Officer John Reed and his ever ready companion Ready Fox!

During an interactive 30-minute assembly led by Officer John Reed, your students will learn how to get ready for a disaster at home or at school. Your students will learn:

As part of the curriculum, students receive a fun ReadyOC start-up family readiness kit which includes an emergency documents bag, family emergency plan template, emergency kit checklist and more. The kit helps families start planning for emergencies together at home and better prepares the community of Orange County.

"ReadyOC is a phenomenal program that is very learning-oriented. It's a fun assembly, but there's a message.
Officer Reed is such an asset, and we are so blessed to have him on our campus. The kids just absolutely love him; you can see it in their faces and they are absorbing what he is saying. He's right on the mark."

- Marisela Longacre, Principal,
  Andrew Jackson Elementary School